Phatt Games Inc.

Still haven't released a thing!


Now Hiring! (Kinda)

We are now accepting job applications for all positions. Keep in mind, we are currently low on funds, so keep in mind that we cannot pay immediatly until we start selling games. -Phil Cooper (Other CEO)

Management Positions

Hey, never can get enough help, can we? These guys make desicions, hire/fire people, help with emails and advertising. All important stuff!
There are currently postions available:
CEO (x2)
     Matthew Scheidecker
     Phillip Cooper
Advertising Director
CEO Secretary (x2)
Tresurer (Not Yet Needed)

Concept Design

We need ideas, people! We only have about 6 ideas going, and only one of them into production!

There are currently positions available:

Lead Designer

     Christopher Whalen

Design Analyst

Design Modeler

Design Artist (x2)

     Stephen Brady

Enviromental Desgin (x2)

     Phillip Cooper

Writing Staff

What's a good game without any story? A bad one. Even Doom had a minor plot!

There are currently 9 positions available:

Lead Writer

Writer (x10)

     Matthew Scheidecker

     Stephen Brady

Concept Modelers

These are the people who put stuff into the computer. If you're good with 3d modeling programs, then these are the jobs for you.

There are currently 15 positions available:

Lead Creator

Lead Modeler


Modeler (x12)




These are the people that will make the games come to life with their own special charm and wit. We would prefer people with experience in UDK or Unreal Engine 3 but, all people are accepted

There are currently 24 positions available:

Lead Programmer (UDK)

Lead Programmer (Other)

Co-Programmer (UDK)

Co-Progammer (Other)

UDK Programmers (x10)

Other Programmers (x10)


How to Apply

Email an application or résumé to

Or you can call Matt at

1 (413) 219-0442   (2:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST)